Find out more about the BioWorld project – one of the finalists of the Ocean’s Calling award.



“According to the EU rules set on disposable plastics, different measures are foreseen for different products. “Whenever alternatives are readily available and affordable, disposable plastic items will be banned from the market”. For other products, the scope of action focuses on limiting their use by reducing consumption at national level, design and labeling requirements and waste management / collection obligations for producers. We therefore intend to implement a new business model, which aims to collect and treat starchy waters from the food industry, restaurants and canteens, to produce biodegradable biopolymers with bioactive principles, according to the requirements of the different markets and customers. This new product distinguishes itself from other polymers and biopolymers by its resistance to tear, UV, antibacterial and antioxidant protection. And these biodegradable products make sense whether it is impossible to retrieve waste packaging for recycling or reuse.”


“Why did you find this award relevant and decide to take part?”

“We decided to take part because we wanted to contribute to a more sustainable planet as part of a circular economy. So, faced with the OceanWise challenges, we wanted to help and respond with the solution. We create biodegradable packaging solutions with food industry waste and other natural raw materials. We want to play an active part in the OceanWise platform to create these solutions and a circular economy model in this sector.”

Stay tuned as we will share, over the next few weeks, more information about all the finalist projects of this initiative.