Find out more about the Poseidon project – one of the finalists of the Ocean’s Calling award.



“The problem around plastics has gained a lot of interest in the scientific community, with several studies being published connecting the consequences of exposure to microplastics and its link to several diseases. As a solution for the emergent problem related to plastic-type waste, Poseidon proposes a bioremediation strategy for the elimination of microplastics from the environment. This innovation is supported by a biotechnological process, that uses a reactor supplied with microorganisms capable of metabolizing microplastics. This microorganism can transform plastics into other sub-products, further metabolized into non-toxic compounds, such as water and carbon dioxide through its metabolic pathway.
After optimizing the entire process and intending to translate knowledge to society, Poseidon emerges as a strategy to adapt fundamental research to industry and services.”


“Why did you find this award relevant and decide to take part?”

“We are living on a planet where, because of their versatility, plastics and their derivatives have become essential to humankind. However, no strategies have been developed to treat or dispose of them properly and they have been building up in ecosystems, especially in the sea. This is the case particularly of products based on expanded and extruded polystyrene (EPS and XPS). To make this huge problem even worse, we have the formation of microplastics, which are the result of physical and chemical degradation and have been related to health problems in living organisms.
When the team heard about the Ocean’s Calling competition, we felt that it was an opportunity to try and help solve this problem and find an alternative for the bioremediation of microplastics. The ocean called, POSEIDON appeared and, with the motivation and desire to meet the need, the team wants to use its academic knowledge and experience to develop technology that can eradicate the scourge of microplastics. In short, we hope to make a difference!”

Stay tuned as we will share, over the next few weeks, more information about all the finalist projects of this initiative.