Find out more about the (Re)SHAPE THE SEA project – one of the finalists of the Ocean’s Calling award.



“We will try to implement a pilot in 2 industries, with the main objective of starting a study related to
Expanded and Extruded Polystyrene (EPS / XPS) products. All production will be surveyed on site, regarding the use of these products. For the resulting “waste” product, an attempt will be made to reincorporate, as well as the dissemination of its content on the platform, awaiting ideas and applications.
Subsequently, actions will be taken in conjunction with the Quercus Waste Information Center, aimed at students from schools related to design. Awareness raising will be developed on the theme, the presentation of the platform and the launch of the contest challenge, supported by the Fibrenamics platform, for greater coverage.
The three best eco-design solutions for packaging will be awarded.
An illustrative video seeks to fill the lack of information about EPS and XPS, 100% recyclable. A visit to a waste treatment company will take place.”


“Why did you find this award relevant and decide to take part?”

“At BioRumo, we have devoted more than 20 years to raising public awareness of the importance of preserving the environment. We have joined the main partners and congratulate everyone that, like us, believes in real change. This was precisely why it made total sense to participate and we are grateful for the opportunity.”


Stay tuned as we will share, over the next few weeks, more information about all the finalist projects of this initiative.