Find out more about the Seaclic by Storopack project – one of the finalists of the Ocean’s Calling award, which ended up being the winner.



“Seafood are very sensitive products so their packaging need very good insulation properties, lightness and a high hygiene level. EPS is the perfect packaging material to guarantee these functions. When EPS is food contaminated it can be recycled for non-food applications, with the technology ‘rEPS by Storopack’ but not for food applications’. Other recycling technologies like Chemcycling are starting to emerge for food applications. This recycling is used on the Seaclic Box Ccycled. But the market is seeking additional materials able to limit wastes, as performant as EPS. Storopack has developed the Seaclic Box Bio to answer to this need. With its biobased and compostable composition, the Seaclic Bio is a packaging coming from renewable ressources that will go back to these ressources after use and composting. Its properties, insulation performances, mechanical properties and lightness, are similar to EPS and thus suits perfectly to the fishing industry. In addition, this new box has been designed to be in lined with the fishing environment, taking into account all the players in the value chain (delivery, fishers, fishmongers, distributors..) avoiding to change too much habits and offering new functionalities: clipsable lid to remove straps and stakeability for example.”


“Why did you find this award relevant and decide to take part?”

“Storopack is a major packaging player highly involved in sustainability. Fishboxes is one of its key packaging products and its solutions are well-recognized by all the players in the value chain (delivery, fishers, fishmongers, distributors..). Our current products answer to the main sustainability functions avoiding food waste with its high insulation properties and reducing CO2 emissions during transport thanks to its lightness but littering still exists. The new solution must efficiently improve the ocean pollution issue without forgetting the current solution advantages and thus avoiding to create other environmental issues. As a major player in this market, we have a global overview of the functions required and we can guarantee to reach this objective. It is why we have launched the Seaclic Box program to design a new box that offers to the market an easy use environmentally friendly solution. In this range, we have the Seaclic Bio, compostable solution to ease the packaging waste treatment and avoid littering of used products.”


Stay tuned as we will share, over the next few weeks, more information about all the finalist projects of this initiative.