Find out more about the SeaFilm project – one of the finalists of the Ocean’s Calling award.



“The most common technique to package frozen fish fillets is the application of single-use plastic films. This is a convenient solution for the food industry and consumers, allowing to protect fish from mechanical strain and microbiological contamination during manipulation but with limited functionality as a barrier to other degrading factor such as water vapour migration. SeaFilm food packaging aims to be a substitute for single-use plastic films in frozen fish conservation, providing the industry with an edible new solution to replace plastic films whilst increasing product shelf-life through the incorporation of bioactive seaweed extracts. This novel material will therefore contribute towards seafood products differentiation, reduction of food waste and the reduction of single use plastics applied in frozen seafood production.”


“Why did you find this award relevant and decide to take part?”

“We decided to take part in this award because of the importance of the issue, to which we are especially sensitive as marine resource researchers. The Seafilm Project is aimed at replacing synthetic materials for packing frozen seafood by a biomaterial based on marine microalgae. This will not only help reduce single-use plastic but also reduce food wastage and fits in perfectly with the Ocean’s Calling competition.”


Stay tuned as we will share, over the next few days, more information about all the finalist projects of this initiative.