Find out more about the SUMBOX project – one of the finalists of the Ocean’s Calling award.



“SUMBOXes have been developped during 10 years and have failed dozens of real market tests until their properties have been widely validated: isothermal, waterproof, and robust, in order to become a real sustainable alternative to the EPS boxes currently used in the Seafood industry. SUMBOXes are recycled as any paper or carton box, and 92% of the materials are recycled into new carton or paper. SUMBOXes can be made of recycled materials and can be fully customised to meet customers needs in terms of dimensions and high quality printing design, offering a premium image.

SUMBOXes offer other advantages such as:

– Occupying much less space than EPS boxes, which delivers saving to customers and less CO2released during transport; – We can offer better prices than EPS boxes especially in big formats; – We can optimise the palletisation and load more boxes per pallet while keeping the internal volume of the box equal to EPS boxes used”


“Why did you find this award relevant and decide to take part?”

  • We share the same purpose: to reduce as much as possible the EPS wastage through a cleaner, more circular and much easier recyclable alternative: SUMBOX. We believe we can contribute to a better future in a better world.
  • To do so, as a start up we need the help of institutions and partners that can help us to get the visibility we need to catch the attention of the current actor using EPS boxes, and be seen as an eco-friendly alternative
  • Also, we believe participating in such Challenge allows us to become part of a network where we will get in contact with different agents that can help us to achieve our vision. As an example, Sustainn have contacted us to run a study that could provide us valuable information and insights about specific technical properties and advantages of SUMBOX such as circularity
  • Finally if we were lucky enough as to win the challenge, the 25.000€ prize would be of great help to pay for the international patent costs of SUMBOX”


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