As you know, OCEANWISE intends to generate recommendations for public policies, as well as new and best practices, related to the use, production, recycling and capture of EPS/XPS after its use, through the application of the principles of resource-efficiency, participatory methods and circular economy principles.

Driven by the EU- Marine Strategy Framework Directive and the OSPAR Convention’s Regional Action Plan on Marine Litter, the goal is to present the best solutions and results to drive more sustainable policies and best practices.
With a team made up of 13 partners, from 5 countries in the Atlantic Area – Portugal, Ireland, France, Spain and the United Kingdom, it now launches its first newsletter, “Made of EPS”, which you can subscribe by clicking on “Subscribe our newsletter” on the website. Get to know it here.
We remind you that this project gave rise to the Ocean’s Calling initiative, promoted by SPV!